Permanent/Fixed Term Contracts

1Medical focus on providing the best positions to suit your individual needs and often have access to roles on an exclusive basis.

Permanent positions are available for medical practitioners across all specialisms and levels of seniority and are available in locations from metropolitan city centres, regional centres, rural towns and remote outposts. 

Positions can often be arranged on a part time / part FTE equivalent such as 0.5 etc so please enquire if this is something specifically of interest.

Our experienced team will guide and support you throughout the entire process from initial consultation, CV presentation, interview preparation, credentialing, and any immigration or visa requirements.

Relocating to Ireland


Why Ireland:

Ireland has one of the highest qualities of life living standards in the world based on the Human Development Index from the UN. Ireland is known for its welcoming culture, high levels of education, spectacular outdoor scenery, and safety with very low levels of crime. Sitting on the west coast of Europe, Ireland has great travel connectivity with Europe, North America, and the Middle East.


Education and lifestyle

Access to primary and secondary education in Ireland is available to all residents and most costs are met by the government. Ireland has many universities providing a broad range of academic qualifications. University education is widely available to Irish residents with most costs/fees paid for by government.

We can advise on the options available in various locations around Ireland.

Ireland has temperate oceanic climate, which is mild, humid, and changeable with a lack of temperature extremes.

Ireland has the space, scenery, and ocean to provide great outdoor activities including hill walking, mountaineering, fishing, gold, surfing, sailing, fishing amongst many. Culturally, Ireland has a long history and many opportunities to explore English literature, theatre, opera, dance, live music and of course the famed Irish pub.


Accessibility and Travel

Ireland is on the west coast of Europe and a member of the European Union. The majority of Western Europe is accessible within 2 hours and affordable thanks to extremely low-cost flights. Ireland is only 5 hours flying to the east coast of North America or to the Middle East.


Cost of living

The cost of living is high in major centres such as Dublin and Cork, but it is considerably lower in some regional settings. As Ireland is geographically small, most locations are three hours or less driving to Dublin. 1Medical can advise further on location, cost of living and tax rates in Ireland.

 If relocating to Ireland, 1 Medical will support you every step of the way.


Medical Registration/Licensure

All medical practitioners practicing in Ireland are required by law to be appropriately registered with the Irish Medical Council.

There are five categories of registration:

  • General Division
  • Specialist Division
  • Visiting EEA Practitioners Division
  • Trainee Specialist Division
  • Supervised Registration

 1Medical can advise on the most appropriate registration pathway.


Work Permit/Visa

A work permit is not required if:

You, your spouse, or child are an Irish, UK national or an EEA national. The EEA comprises the European Union, together with Norway, Iceland, and Liechtenstein

If you are from a country outside of the EEA, Switzerland, and the UK, you need permission to live and work as a doctor in Ireland.


Employment permit:

To gain a work permit an applicant will have to have an offer of employment from the HSE or a private hospital or practice

Work Permits with a public hospital are fixed for 2 years even if initial employment contract is of shorter duration. A doctor can seek employment at another public hospital within the 2 years without the need for a new application.


Permanent Residency:

An individual can apply for residency (stamp 4) after 5 years in Ireland. From March 2022, doctors are eligible for residency after 2 years on an eligible visa in Ireland.


Specialist Training

A doctor in a post graduate specialist training position must hold registration with the Trainee Specialist Division of the Irish Medical Council (IMC). To gain this registration, an applicant must apply and be accepted to a post a graduate training body (see list below).

 Specialist training posts are available in the first instance to the following:

a. citizens of Ireland.

b. nationals of another Member State of the European Union.

c. UK nationals

d. all persons currently holding a Stamp 4 (Permanent Resident) immigration permission (including holders of a Stamp 4 EUFAM permission). The first step in the process is to apply to the respective training body to gain a training position


Post graduate specialist training is conducted by the following bodies in Ireland

  • General Practice - Irish College of General Practitioners
  • Emergency Medicine - Irish Committee for Emergency Medicine Training
  • General/Internal Medicine - Royal College of Physicians of Ireland (RCPI)
  • Paediatrics - Faculty of Paediatrics, RCPI
  • Surgery - Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland
  • Anaesthesiology - College of Anaesthetists of Ireland
  • ICU - Joint Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine
  • Psychiatry - College of Psychiatrists of Ireland
  • Obstetricians & Gynaecologists - Institute of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists, RCPI
  • Radiology - Faculty of Radiologists, RCSI
  • Pathology - Faculty of Pathology, RCPI