1Medical provide multiple recruitment solutions and services specifically for the healthcare market.



At 1Medical we understand the ultimate goal for most clients is to have a full cohort staffed of permanent doctors in their workforce.

Our team can assist with both junior and senior medical permanent placements on either ad hoc or engaged models. 

We would always seek to provide a solution that meets your exact needs and requirements.  

We have experience coordinating of volume-based campaigns and can facilitate these where required for domestic and international projects.



Locum doctors are used by clients to complement the existing permanent workforce, provide cover for holiday periods or to maintain medical services while awaiting the appointment of permanent practitioner.

1Medical provide locum services either on an ad hoc basis or via a longer-term engagement.

With all models 1Medical will provide a dedicated pool of locums specifically for your needs that can be adjusted to suit demand levels.

All locum engagements adhere to the highest standards of compliance including our own internal processes and your site-specific requirements for your facility.


Locum Bank / Roster Management

Many hospitals operate their own system of internal locum bank with regular doctors.

1Medical can coordinate this locum bank on your behalf for significantly lower costs than standard agency locum services.

This can be facilitated with your own existing internal software systems or via any external one that you wish to utilise.

1Medical work with multiple software providers and are not restricted to any particular system.


Executive Search

Senior level appointments and executive recruitment require a different approach. As part of our wider group we are pleased to offer a specific executive search service via 1M Exec


Job Board / Advertising Service

When you engage 1Medical for our recruitment solutions you will automatically gain access to our job board for free.

However, we appreciate that you might wish to use our job board simply for an advertising only service so we also offer this as a standalone service.

Advertisement creation and guidance can also be offered.

All applicants will only be seen by yourself and the data will remain your property.